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 ABOUT THE ANTIS..what shall we do??

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ABOUT THE ANTIS..what shall we do?? Empty
PostSubject: ABOUT THE ANTIS..what shall we do??   ABOUT THE ANTIS..what shall we do?? EmptySat Jul 11, 2009 9:28 pm

The Goal is to be “ONE”. So that KPOP will then be more recognized especially the talents.

Since most Kpop fans have different opinions, we do respect it. But BASHING we will make it “UNALLOWED”. Many of us must learn how to RESPECT.

If you hate the artist then [b]“GO AND HATE THEM BY YOURSELF” [/b]Be civilized enough to fight for what you know. CIVILIZED as in “KEEP YOUR HATRED BY YOURSELF AND DO NOT PASS IT TO ANOTHER AND INFLUENCE ANOTHER”

Do not go beyond the limit. If you hate him/her/them DO NOT GO TO THEIR CATEGORY. Hatred won’t do any good. But since it’s what you stand for go ahead. But please be civilized enough for your actions.

It may be TRUE. But it doesn’t mean that TRUTH aren’t also considered as FLAWS. If there’ll be no flaws there’ll be no perfection.

What shall I do if our artist will be attacked and bashed here??

1. PM the moderator of the category.
2. Give the username of the PERSON who said something inappropriate
3. Give the link of the forum
4. State what he/she said
5. Send

Your privacy is totally preserved. The names of the reporters won’t go out between the two of us.

What will be the PROOF if he/she did inappropriate things to the artist??

1. The link given and the sent report
2. The picture which will be taken from the screen by the moderator.
(how to take a picture from the screen:
*just immediately go to the link of the forum where the a violated post has been posted
* press the PRT SCR
In the keybord
* paste it in Paint(Start-All programs-Accessories-Paint)
*SAVE it in your computer

3. After taking a picture from the screen and after getting all the evidences the post will be deleted immediately.

What will happen if someone was GUILTY over the action he/she has done?
1. If proven guilty with all the evidences he/she will be warned ONCE
(moderators please submit the name of the violator to the admin)
2. If he/she commits another mistake he/she will be banned(Pm the admin so that the violator will be banned)

This doesn’t mean that we are on the other side. Just abiding and making actions in our goal which is to be “ONE”
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ABOUT THE ANTIS..what shall we do??
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