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PostSubject: Your first subject   Your first subject EmptySun Jul 05, 2009 5:13 am

Here are the hard rules:

No user of the site has any right to post anything they feel like posting. If a user posts, they have to live with any editing or deletion or other moderator action without public complaint. Private complaints can be addressed via the contacts page.

Any poster who flames others is not posting according to the rules. Similarly, any poster who "trolls" is by definition trying to induce flames by others and is guilty of flaming by proxy. Neither is allowed here.

Do not take it upon yourself to point out where other members do not follow guidelines, because that leads to more off-topic posts and even arguments.

Posting off-topic, or against the letter or spirit of the forum description, is not posting according to the rules.

"Thread Crapping" occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument. If you feel the need to turn a discussion into a debate, start a new thread instead.

Any poster who sends obscene, threatening or insulting messages to any other users of the site is not posting according to the rules.

Any poster who uses a posting tag or sig line in an offensive manner, such as commenting negatively on another user, is not abiding by site rules and may cause such sig or tag to vanish.

You are prohibited from posting instant messages in the forums without the express consent of the author.

The above also extends to the 'What are you doing' list located on the member pages of buddies.

Referrals are never permitted anywhere on this site.

Any poster may be banned at any time by name, IP address or other identification without any prior warning and without any explanation given.

Here is the kinder description:

If you are not disruptive, and you express your opinions in an intelligent way, your contributions will not be edited or deleted, and you will not be banned. 99.999% of our users do not run afoul of any of the "hard rules."

Moderators are instructed not to argue over actions they take!

If you have any issue with forum moderation, please do not raise your gripe in the public forums. Do not pursue a moderator via instant message or email. To the best of their ability they follow guidelines but are not robots, and they are all volunteers (or they are volunteered).

1) Type in a subject that summarizes your question!
The fastest way to turn off other members wanting to help you is to type an incomplete or silly subject for your post. Examples of poor subject titles include:

- "Help!"
- "I'm a newbie...please!"
- "Is this possible?"
- "error"

The above subjects either have absolutely nothing to do with the question itself, or are grossly incomplete (ie: "DataBase"). When asking for help, enter a subject that summarizes your question, period! Don't use silly, incomplete, or "bait" subjects.

2) Be descriptive and articulate when asking your question!
Some of you are posting as if we're all psychics, and are supposed to grasp your question with the little or confusing information you've provided in your question. We cannot read your mind, and putting up a post like "Can someone help me with the script?" is not nearly enough information to go by. What exactly do you want to know about this script? Set us up with some crucial background information, what you want to do, and what the problem is. Be concise and precise.

Also when posting, understand that you're trying to convince others to help you. Check for spelling/grammar mistakes, and try and format your question and code in an easily legible manner. Big tip: Use the preview button often.

Bottom line- put yourself in our shoes, and try and phrase the question so it's clear and easy to respond to.

3) Use the search feature often to make sure your question isn't already answered!
The longer this forum has been online, the more solutions it accumulates. Always search past posts first (using the search link to your upper right) to make sure your question isn't already answered. Use 1-2 keywords as the search terms.

4) Be appreciative and follow up when getting a response!
Everyone here is volunteering their time to help out others. The least you can do is be appreciative and follow up when getting a helpful response. If you've solved your problem, let people know so they don't continue spending time on your question. Saying a little "thank you" goes a long way.

5) Reply to the appropriate thread if you have questions regarding MODs
If you have questions regarding a MOD/thread, please DO NOT START A NEW TOPIC, post a REPLY to the MOD/thread.

6) Do NOT send unsolicited PMs (Private Messages) to moderators or administrators
Please do NOT send PMs (Private Messages) with just 4 words: "Can you help me" and a link to the post where you already asked a question. This is just rude and here's why:

Many people on this forum (definitely moderators/administrators) are reading every new post since their last visit. If nobody has replied to your question, that doesn't mean they didn't read it, it just means they don't have an answer. You can expect any such PMs sent to moderators/administrators to be deleted WITHOUT being read.

Also, keep in mind, if you ask for help/support via PM, you are limiting your chances get the answer to that person alone, instead of thousand people who could possibly answer if you'd post your question at the forum.

7)) Do NOT "push" your thread if there are no answer to your question
Many people on this forum (definitely moderators/administrators) are reading every new post since their last visit. If nobody has replied to your question, that doesn't mean they didn't read it, it just means they don't have an answer or do not have time rightnow to find an solution for you.

- "push!"
- "up!"
- "noone?"

You can expect any such posts to be deleted.

no spamming please!!
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Your first subject
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